Can an adult kidney fit inside an 11 year old?

Yes!  An adult kidney is not that much bigger than a child's. It can easily fit inside an even much younger child!

Will the surgery hurt?

Most donors will have laparoscopic surgery with 3 small incisions by your belly button. You will be in the hospital a couple of days and then can go home. You will have pain medications prescribed for any discomfort you may have. Most people are back to work/school within 2 weeks, some even sooner! Significant lifting and strenuous exercise may take a little longer to get back to.

But what about cost?

Our insurance will pay for all organ donation and transplant-related expenses from evaluation to surgery to follow-up care. We are also glad to pay for any travel related expenses for someone who may live out of town. 

Is it safe for me to donate a kidney?

Yes! People live normal and healthy lives after kidney donation. They should follow up with a medical professional yearly to watch their blood pressure and kidney function. There are some potential risks, and these will be discussed in detail prior to donation. 

Have a question or suggestion?

Please feel free to contact us! Our contact info is below: email, cell, text,  through the contact form, smoke signals, etc. 😃

So what are the next steps?

So glad you asked!
1. Share this info, website, etc to as many groups, social media outlets, etc that you can!
2. Sign up to get updates through Facebook or CaringBridge.
3. Consider whether you or someone you know could be a donor for Caleb!