When Erin was pregnant, an ultrasound showed a possible abnormality with Caleb's kidney. More testing showed that there was indeed a problem and we met with a kidney doctor (nephrologist) at Children's Mercy Hospital. 

Caleb has what is called reflux nephropathy where urine from the bladder washes back up to the kidney and over time  causes damage to the kidneys.  He had a surgery when he was 3 months old to help slow down the damage. For those interested in more information, here’s a link: reflux nephropathy.

Slowly over time, his kidneys have become more damaged. We have known since he was little that he would eventually need a kidney transplant. 

Thankfully, the plan is to go ahead and give him a new kidney before he would need dialysis.  

But none of that has ever stopped him from being a wild and crazy boy!!